Discover a full-service language services company that doesn’t just translate

GlobalizeMe Content is a one-stop shop for a wide range of language services:


  • Our language teams translate manuals, e-training material, agreements and all other types of documentation into the business languages of this world. We’re ISO 17100 certified, so quality is a given.


  • Our software localization teams localize and test complete software suites in any local language for any market you wish to expand into. We’re a SAP Language Service Partner (the only one in the Netherlands), so our track record is impressive.


  • Our copywriters and transcreators combine solid writing skills with up-to-date tech skills to create powerful marketing content that attracts traffic. We collaborate closely with GlobalizeMe Digital, our application development and cloud consulting division, so we know how to match language and technology.


  • And we go beyond all this to provide any services you need for your content. From creative design to SAP language technology consulting, we’re here to help you.

Find out more about our services below or contact us for more information.

GlobalizeMe is an SAP Language Service Partner. As a matter of fact we’re the only language company in the Netherlands and one of only a few dozen worldwide that SAP allows to carry this logo.


What does it mean? It tells you that we have:


  • The SAP C-User translators that can perfectly localize your SAP system content because they are familiar with SAP standards and terminology and because they have access to all SAP systems that allow them to make sure that your SAP content is consistent with the SAP standard software.
  • The SAP language technology consultants that will help you to scope the translatable content in your SE63 system, to build a proposal pool and to export and reimport the objects that require translation, so you get all the language gaps in your UI solved without spending budget on objects that are not relevant.


GlobalizeMe has been ISO 17100 certified for years. This standard is a quality label that tells you we follow very strict standards when it comes to translating your content.


What does it mean? It tells you that:


  • We follow strict recruiting and testing procedures to make sure we only onboard the best translators.
  • Your translation always goes through a thorough quality process, involving multiple experts (instead of just a single translator).
  • Our project managers follow a sophisticated process to make sure we apply the correct terminology and style specifications, resolve queries and deliver exactly what you need when you need it.
  • We don’t take your trust for granted. We process each and every job with the same level of care, making sure in the process that we comply with data privacy legislation and data security standards.



Discover the added value of an ISO 17100 certified language company with a solid track record that you can trust.




Discover GlobalizeMe’s ecosystem of graphical designers and copywriters and let us help you develop impressive content that will trigger your audience to take action




Discover the unique software localization services of GlobalizeMe – the only SAP Language Service Partner in the Netherlands.




Discover how GlobalizeMe’s team of SAP experts can help you solve any language issues in your SAP UI – from missing translations to the need to scope and export complete modules

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